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Digital magazines for brands

The digital magazine format is always developing and becoming a richer, more engaging medium of storytelling allowing your brand to connect with audiences wherever they are.

Our digital magazine expertise

Digital magazine technology is constantly evolving and keeping up with best practice to ensure success can be demanding. Dialogue has more than 10 years’ experience in digital magazine production for brands such as Harley-Davidson, Center Parcs and Bentley Motors providing strategy, design and content solutions to achieve key goals, such as improving engagement and click-through rates.

Dialogue takes a bespoke approach to digital magazine production and chooses the right format for you. Whether it’s a page-turner digital edition, an online content portal or microsite, or an app, we are experienced across digital magazine platforms.

Benefits of a digital magazine

There are several benefits to online magazine creation. A digital magazine doesn’t require the same upfront publishing and distribution costs as a printed magazine – it’s a lower initial investment and one which can be controlled and adapted the richer you want the content experience to be. In addition, content can be updated in real time to reflect new information about the brand, products or services. For the reader, smooth navigation around the publication through features such as an interactive table of contents and image thumbnails make it easier to find the content they want.

Much like print, a digital magazine can also provide valuable opportunities for revenue-generation through advertising and brand partnerships – specialities which we also manage in-house at Dialogue.

If you are considering a digital magazine then talk to our team to discuss your ambitions. We’ll gladly talk you through some options and best practice examples of our work with brands.


Digital magazine production

Our approach to creating the magazine starts with understanding your audience and what their content preferences are. From this, we develop a content strategy of key pillars and interactive elements such as videos, picture galleries, animations and infographics.

We then identify the most effective publishing platform for your digital magazine audience, such as PageSuite, Mag+ or Edition Digital, to name a few, to ensure a high-quality experience throughout.

Digital magazine distribution

With a digital magazine, your audience reach is limitless as it can be distributed through social media, app stores, your websites, email and more.

Most importantly, the digital magazine experience is measurable through metrics such as downloads, click-through rates and time on pages. This allows you to fully understand your audience behaviours and interests and means we can tailor content to suit. Such data can also be valuable for attracting advertisers into specific sections of the magazine.

Our sector insight

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