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Email marketing services designed for a personalised customer experience to improve performance. 

Email marketing and performance management

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective communication channels, with nearly one in two CMOs saying email is essential to their digital marketing strategy (Gartner). However, 64% of consumers report feeling overwhelmed with brand email communications.

So, how do you strike the right balance and ensure your email marketing campaigns cut-through the noise and the performance delivers on your KPI and ROI goals? 

Dialogue’s email marketing specialists help brands outperform industry open rate and CTR benchmarks, identifying areas of improvement and opportunity. Tools such as personalisation, AI, securing data sets and automating triggers address privacy concerns and combat any sense of customer invasiveness and irrelevance, making sure your message gets through. We call it our Email Marketing Methodology, and it has been successfully delivering results for brands such as Harley-Davidson, British Eventing and Bentley Motors for many years.


Here are just a few facets of our methodology:

End-to-end email marketing services

Dialogue has expertise in providing an end-to-end email marketing service for brands in a range of sectors with multiple segmentations of customers and languages across the globe. Our email marketing specialists can save you time and effort by seamlessly integrating with your existing marketing team to provide: consultancy and strategy; data management; marketing automation; campaign management; segmentation and personalisation; template designs; content production and translation; A/B and multivariate testing; and performance reporting and recommendations.

We are experienced with multiple email platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, DotDigital, Campaign Monitor, Smart Messenger, Mailchimp, HubSpot and others, and use automation to efficiently deliver personalisation.

Effective email marketing: content and design

We deliver both B2B and B2C email marketing for companies around the world and can do the same for you, too. From designing email templates that match your brand and campaign identity and follow accessible design principles, to writing copy and creating dynamic content that’s eye-catching and clickable, our content connects with your target audience – whether they’re customers or internal stakeholders.

We create master emails including all variations from the content matrix for testing and checking purposes, streamlining the amends process and removing the potential for errors to be introduced. We also do multi-platform user testing, ensuring it displays correctly across all devices and screen formats and will help you stay out of spam filters using pre-send checks.

Email data management and insight

Regular reporting and analysis of data is crucial to all digital marketing and especially email, so we continuously monitor campaign performance to assess effectiveness. We will produce regular reports – the clear and helpful kind – that include well-informed analysis and actionable recommendations on how to improve and evolve. Optimisation is the key – in both the visible elements and the data behind it.

Commercial opportunities for email marketing

We can also work with you to commercialise your email content, handling appropriate sponsorship and advertising sales for third parties within your emails as well as your own content and links. Find out more about our advertising and partnerships solutions.

CRM and email automation

Email marketing is not just about scheduling a send; it takes insight, analysis and technical knowledge of databases and CRMs to deliver optimum results. A combination of data management, engaging content and user-experience-focused design is essential to give brands the opportunity to extend customer engagement and lifetime spend.

It’s easier to retain existing customers than it is to find and convert new ones, which is where an automated nurture campaign fits in, so effective customer relationship management is something you can rely on us to do for you. Segmenting data to send audience-specific messaging is crucial to ensure your marketing communication reaches the right people, boosting engagement and acceptance, and improving future email open rates and CTR. We use content matrices and automation to make this process simpler to manage and update, allowing you to make sure that the right person is seeing the right information at the right time.

Why email is an important part of your content marketing strategy:

37% of brands are increasing their email budget.
(HubSpot, 2023)

99% of email users are checking their email daily.
(Luisa Zhou, 2024)

Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails.
(Campaign Monitor, 2024)

Personalisation using dynamic content is the top personalisation tactic used by email marketing teams. It’s also the best way to improve email performance.
(Litmus, 2023)

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