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Download Driving Success: The Value of Print to the Automotive Luxury Industry

Our latest report explores how to use data insight to inform print publication with a focus on the automotive luxury consumer.

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Driving Success: The Value of Print to the Automotive Luxury Industry

Working with audience intelligence consultancy, entSight, we looked to answer: ‘how to use data to create a brand magazine?’

We evaluated the behaviour of 50,000 global luxury automotive consumers in regard to print formats, using a variety of paid-for research tools to do so.

The insight covers both men and women of all age groups who self-identify as being in the top two wealth tiers and also as car consumers, either owning or planning to own a car in the next 12 months.

The results were fascinating - and proved how valuable print media still is for consumers and the unique role it plays in their lives.

This report will help you understand the following: 

  • how UHNWIs respond to print  
  • what consumers expect from brands through print
  • what role advertising plays for the consumer 
  • the differences between rural and city luxury audiences
  • why brand communities are increasingly important 

As well as lots of advice and information for brands and businesses looking to communicate in this space

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