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EV or electric vehicle marketing requires a very new strategy for car brands. While there are still similar core concerns users have around costs and safety, this new type of car also ushers in a consumer need for education around sustainability, charging and range among other things.

While the likes of Tesla and Polestar have been leading the charge in this space, other brands are catching up fast, but there’s still a lot to learn for everyone. 

That is why we, at Dialogue, have created a new automotive report, Electric Vehicles: Brand Loyalty and Communications, which looks at consumers’ relationship to EVs, automotive brands, loyalty and automotive communications in order to help our clients understand that little bit more about consumer need and expectation when it comes to marketing. 

About Electric Vehicles: Brand Loyalty and Communications

The report is refreshing for environmentalists in that consumers now appear to be engaged in the need for environmental change. 

The eco-friendliness of a car is one of the least important factors when considering a purchase for both general consumers as well as owners and consumers seeking to buy one. Furthermore, 74.1% of EV purchasers think car brands could be doing more to promote electric-only cars. 

How the report will help automotive marketers

Our research was conducted in association with Censuswide with whom we polled two distinct groups: a national representative group of 1,000 adults (16+) together with 250 EV owners and 500 respondents who were thinking about buying an EV (25+).

While these two groups shared many characteristics and intentions, there were also some marked differences which we have highlighted through this report.

This report is useful for you if you work for a car brand, a dealership or any platform related to the automotive industry but it’s particularly valuable to you if you’re involved in the marketing of EVs and are seeking to understand more about the consumer and the media landscape through which to create a strategy and a contact plan.  

The Dialogue Electric Vehicles: Brand Loyalty and Communications report will help you understand:
  • Why content marketing needs to be a key part of any campaign
  • What messaging is of value throughout the marketing funnel
  • Whether potential EV buyers are loyal to previous car brands
  • What types of information is necessary for car brands to provide for consumers
  • Which channels, print, digital and social do consumers wish to be communicated through
  • What types of partnerships are valuable for campaigns 

Access your free copy of the The Dialogue Electric Vehicles: Brand Loyalty and Communications report here.  

About Dialogue

Dialogue is a full-service content marketing agency, specialising in automotive, luxury, experiences, travel and membership.

We are focused on harnessing the power of content to engage brand communities and encourage loyalty through multiple channels. We work with brands like Bentley Motors, Royal Ascot, Air Charter Service, Badrutt’s Palace, Harley-Davidson, Porsche Club GB, Canon Europe.

Obviously, if you’d like to find out more or need help to make sense of the findings, we’d love to help you – you can book a free session with us here.  

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