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EVs: Brand, loyalty and communications report 2022

Working with Censuswide, content marketing specialists Dialogue have polled 1,750 consumers to understand what car brands need to be delivering to attract car buyers, existing EV owners and people considering their first EV purchase. 

Key insights 

It's an interesting time to be involved in manufacturing and marketing electric vehicles. As an evolving sector, it’s still relatively unformed and open for pretty much any brands to give Tesla a run for its money.

There’s a lot to like about how consumers are engaged in the need for environmental change but there's also some significant factors for brands to consider which we'll be sharing here before the publication of the report on 17th October.

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First up, 58% of consumers are struggling to make sense of the EV landscape, confused about what they need to know when it comes to selecting and buying an EV. 
Takeaway #1: Brands must increase personalised content marketing to support users in their EV customer journey. 

A quarter of consumers don’t think about the environment when buying an electric vehicle.
Takeaway #2: Getting the customer-acquisition message is a key challenge for car brands. Most important considerations for consumers are still costs, both initial and running, though also of importance for general consumers is the cost of a charging point. Educating consumers on the ease and benefits of setting one up would be valuable.

Even though consumers are less concerned about the environment, 85.9% are concerned about the cost of the car when considering an EV.
Takeaway #3: If you look at our previous Automotive Report, you'll see cost is always an issue for consumers. Often while there's no getting around the cost, there's the need for consumers to understand what else they're buying into about the brand when purchasing an EV as well as ensuring post-purchase services and communications reinforce value. 


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