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When you are working with a content marketing agency your first and most important point of contact is the Client Services Team. But are you really getting the best service possible? 

Is your account manager making your life easier and helping your content marketing get the results that you need?

Read on to discover what makes an award-winning Client Services Team.

Award-winning Service

In June 2022, Dialogue’s incredible Client Services Team were delighted to win the award for Best Account Management Team at the ALF Insight Media Sales and Marketing Awards; an award that recognises all their hard work, dedication and commitment to our clients.

Dialogue’s Client Services Team plays a vital role in the day to day running of our client’s content marketing strategies, acting as a direct line of communication between brands and the content, design and advertising sales teams in order to produce creative, inspiring and cost-effective content for both current and prospective customers.

An effective account manager is essential in the daily running and implementation of your marketing strategy, whether you have a multi-lingual email marketing campaign or an annual luxury magazine. But not all account managers are made equal!

Dialogue’s Client Services Director Mel Vince leads a team of dedicated, passionate account directors and account managers who consistently offer the best possible customer service to our clients. Mel believes that a good client services team should be “the first port of call for any project.”

She explains: “Whether the client knows exactly what they want or just have a problem to solve and no idea where to begin, Client Services will be the ones who begin the thought processes, then investigate the scope of work, set the timeline, adjust costs and quotes, manage contracts and source paper and print services.”

What should you expect from an account manager?

Here at Dialogue, we have some pretty high standards when it comes to Client Services. Here is a list of what Mel believes brands should expect from an account director or manager:

1. Organisation

An account director or manager plays a vital role in ensuring that all projects stay on time and on budget. Mel believes that the best client services teams have “good problem-solving skills, stay calm under pressure and have excellent attention to detail”. She elaborates: “The latter is vital for our Client Services Team as they must design complex schedules of work for all types of marketing, and each is bespoke depending on timeframe, scope, costs, requirements, medium, stakeholders... the list is endless!”

2. Cost efficiency

A good account manager strives to ensure you receive the best possible services to suit your needs. Working with you, they should help you to decide on the correct plan for your brand, saving you money by avoiding unnecessary costs and services for your business. As Mel explains: “We are very proactive and will always be looking for ways to make the most of your content marketing – whether that’s switching paper stock to save costs or suggesting a digital marketing campaign to boost a project.” You can read more about monetising content here.

3. Support

Your account manager should offer continued support throughout your time together. Mel explains: “We exist to make brands’ lives easier. Marketing managers come to us for help with their content marketing requirements and it is our job to make this process as smooth as possible. We ensure we do our utmost to help each client’s content marketing be as effective as possible – with minimal effort for our clients and maximum effort from us.”

4. Communication

An effective client services team establishes a consistent flow of communication throughout the creative process, never once leaving you in the dark. As Mel outlines: “My team are always at the end of the phone if clients have a problem – for instance, if an event is cancelled last minute and a communications plan needs implementing, or a senior manager wants a video created in no time at all.”

5. Agility

Last minute or ad hoc jobs are always going to throw a spanner in the works of your marketing plans, but when our clients come to us with these kinds of projects, our Client Services Team jumps into action. Our set up is built with agility in mind to enable us to take on ad hoc work for our clients. Your account director or manager should feel like an extension of your team so briefing this type of work in feels effortless.

How have Dialogue’s Client Services Team benefited our clients?

The Dialogue Client Services Team works tirelessly to project manage a vast array of clients, varying from automotive and luxury to equestrian and travel.

After a successful first year working with Bentley to implement a retailer communications plan in 2021, the Dialogue Client Services Team saw an increase in demand from other departments within the company to create a vast array of content for the luxury car brand. Showcasing an impressive consistency in standards and offering the highest quality of communications, Dialogue has since taken on additional stakeholder responsibilities, further streamlining the process for the client.

Passionate about client relations, our team ensures they take time to understand each client inside and out. One of our new clients in 2021 was Mazda MX-5 Owners Club and the Dialogue team made sure to attend the club’s annual event, giving them the opportunity to meet members, get to know the client and learn more about these two-seater sports cars.

Questions to ask yourself about your current account manager

  • Are you getting the best possible care and support throughout your contract?
  • Is your contract designed to suit your needs?
  • Is there a set time structure for the work that needs to be done and do they keep to it?
  • Has your account manager taken the time to get to know your brand?
  • Do you feel you are in a constant flow of communication with your account manager and subsequently, your creative team?
  • Does your account manager continually strive for client satisfaction?
  • Are you happy with the results you’re getting from your content marketing?
  • Are you kept in the know with regards to timelines and expenses?
  • Do your current client services team take the time to understand your daily working situation and pressures?
  • Is your job made easier by working with the agency, not harder?
  • Are all processes clear and easy to follow?

If any of these statements don’t ring true for your current account director or manager and you would like to reach out to our award-winning team, go ahead and get in touch.

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