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At Dialogue, we have a number of clients for whom we create, manage and commercialise their content and channels, both in print and online. 

We sell advertising solutions, create branded content and develop brand partnerships on their behalf. Find out more about content monetisation

But these are the questions most asked of us during this process that we thought to put together for you. However, we are always at the other end of a phone or an email if you prefer to discuss in person or find out more.

Media kit

Is there a media kit?

All of our clients’ channels and publications have a dedicated media kit that’s unique to them but with flexible options for your business.

What digital platforms do you have? 

We bring you a curated selection of our client’s best-performing platforms. What is on offer to advertise through will vary from client to client and of course, depends on what you want to achieve. We have a full consultative sales team who would be happy to discuss what works best for you.

Audience insight

Who does the magazine go to? And does everyone get a copy?

All clients’ publications are targeted to their relevant audience.

Publications are distributed by post to the majority of our clients’ audience, who are either owners or members of the organisation. However and occasionally for some clients, their publication can be accessed at various touchpoint locations.

What are the audience demographics: Who is the audience? Where is the audience?

If you need specific demographic information, please request a media kit from the Dialogue sales team, which includes details of the audience both on and offline.


How much does it cost?

Costs vary and depend on a number of factors; digital-only, print-only and the placement within the publication.

We can provide you with a media kit and a full consultative call with one of our team who works on that specific publication in order to fulfil your objectives and deliver a package that suits your business.

When do we pay?

We operate a pre-pay system or you can apply for credit accounts, depending on how you prefer to pay. Payment details are discussed in full with the relevant team member.


Where will my advert sit in the magazine?

Again, this depends on various factors relating to the individual magazines. Whether you’re looking for a premium position, in the run of the magazine or sometimes classifieds, positions all vary and would be discussed with you in full.

However, we always look at the editorial balance and the overall look of the publication in order to create and ensure the optimum tone for it.

Can we get help with artwork and design?

Yes. We have an award-winning design team that can create adverts based on your requirements. Again, please do discuss your needs with the relevant sales team member but we are more than happy to help.

Can we do an insert?

This is an option for some but not all publications. Costs vary depending on different technical specifications, for example, the weight of the insert which can have a knock-on effect on distribution costs. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Extending the impact of the advert

Can we get editorial within the magazine?

Congratulations, this is our most-asked question of all time!!

On some publications there are options to look at content, be it editorial, sponsored content, advertorial or branded content. All magazines are different in terms of what we can accommodate commercially, but we will talk through options with you.

Check out our branded content guide

Can we be featured on social media?

See above!

Can we get more involved with the client?

We offer brand partnership solutions with some of our clients - please have a look at some of our previous examples here to give you some ideas or inspirations. But we would love to hear or explore what you have in mind.

Can we do video?

Yes. We have an in-house team who can help create video content which can be used on any of your or our digital platforms.

How about a podcast?

Yes, absolutely. We aim to make the whole content process easy and effective for you. Our team will talk you through the ins and outs. In the meantime, please check out our podcasting guide.

If you have any further questions, need more information or a media pack, please contact us.

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