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Dialogue has launched a new series of automotive marketing podcasts. It’s our second series of podcasts following the first set that looked at content marketing.

To coincide with our recent Automotive Marketing Report and the Brand Communities Report (The Automotive Edit), Dialogue’s Content Strategist Howard Wilmot speaks to specialists in the worlds of automotive content marketing, branding and marketing.  

The automotive podcast series also features our regular stats spot, ‘Content Marketing Bingo’, which brings you up to speed with key headlines and insight – this time from the Automotive Marketing Report.

1. Social Media Listening Podcast

The first episode in our automotive marketing podcast series features Jamie Watson, who at the time was COO of Pulsar, our data insight partners. This platform provides brands and agencies with advanced social listening and insights to help them understand behavioural signals and adapt strategies based on what people are saying across social and digital media.

Howard talks to him about how car brands use social media listening, what they’re learning and what they could be doing better.

Jamie says, ‘We’ve worked with  a couple of brands who’ve tried to change their audiences from petrolheads, those who care about engine size, speed or design, to people who care about travelling or experiences. To move people from the performance of the car to what I could be doing with my car.’

Connect with Jamie Watson 
Find out more about Pulsar

2. Automotive & Licensing Podcast

This episode features Managing Director of Brandgenuity Europe, Teri Niadna who talks about licensing, the opportunities for brands, how car brands get involved and how licensing has been affected by digital transformation.

Teri says, ‘If there is a major new model coming onto the market, we will work hard to make sure that new model is reflected in the licensing program, either by updating the existing product and making sure it reflects the new car or by potentially coming up with new products that might be limited edition. ’

Connect with Teri Niadna  
Find out more about Brandgenuity 

Automotive marketing report

3. Car Dealership Podcast

Our third episode pairs us with content Joe Riordan, marketing manager at Perrys, one of the UK’s largest car dealerships.

We talk about what’s working for car brands, what they could be doing better and how dealerships are supporting and managing their own digital transformation.

Joe says, ‘If people aren’t trusting car advertising, we need to look at why that is. Is it because we’re not giving them enough? So they’re kind of assuming there’s something that’s not being said.’

Connect with Joe Riordan 
Find out more about Perry’s

Plus check out automotive marketing tips from Dialogue’s thought-leadership event where Joe was a panelist. 

4. Automotive Influencers Podcast

This episode features Lisa Targett, UK General Manager of Tribe, a self serve marketplace connecting brands and agencies with social media influencers.

She talks about how car brands are using influencers, how they fit into their marketing models and how the influencer landscape is measuring up in 2019-20.

Lisa says, ‘I think about how beneficial customer generated content is from an ad efficiency perspective. Brands are really missing an opportunity to not have their customers craft their advertising. You can hit ad fatigue as you’ve got different personas you’re trying to talk to in different customer segments and different regions. And if the content isn’t personalised, your brands are not able to make the impact they want to be making.’

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Find out more about Tribe

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