Dialogue’s Content and Brand Director, Ryan Battles, and Content Strategist, Howard Wilmot

Dialogue has launched a content marketing podcast series for marketers and brands looking for greater insight into the ever-changing world of content marketing, branding and consumer behaviours to help inform their content marketing strategy.

In this inaugural series, Dialogue’s Content and Brand Director Ryan Battles and Content Strategist Howard Wilmot speak to leading figures across the industry touching on audio branding, branded content and the development of brand communities.

The podcasts also feature ‘Content Marketing Bingo’, a fun way for you to lock down stats in the industry at the same time!

Audio Branding Podcast

In the first episode, Dialogue’s Content and Brand Director Ryan Battles talks to music strategist and executive producer Arnon Woolfson about how music labels and brands can work together.

Arnon Woolfson is a music strategist and an executive producer who’s worked with the likes of Sony, Universal Music, Mercedes, Formula 1, NFL and Beats by Dre.

The music industry was one of the first to be affected by digital and this podcast looks at how music marketing has been developing and how it’s now looking to brands to help generate revenue for the labels and their artists.

Arnon says, ‘Most brands could legitimately find a way of integrating a sound to their brands. It doesn’t have to be an all-encompassing music strategy. To add an audio component to a brand can work for an insurance company as well as it can for an automotive client or a fizzy drink.’

The podcast covers topics like how a brand can develop a music strategy; how to choose a track or artist to affiliate with; which brands are successful in this space and why, and what are the opportunities around voice.

Content Marketing Podcast

In the second podcast, Dialogue’s Content Strategist Howard Wilmot talks to the managing director of the Content Marketing Association Catherine Maskell about the ever-developing role of content marketing.

Former Head of Global Marketing at Reed Recruitment, Catherine Maskell has been Managing Director of the CMA since April 2017.

Content marketing is increasingly big business with the industry now worth over £5billion in the UK alone – and is ever evolving.

Catherine says, The CMA exists to help support both agencies and brands as well as really help guide, navigate, train, inspire businesses who are entering into the world of branded content.’

‘Next year the CMA will be celebrating our decade of content which is very exciting. And we’ve really seen a real change in the way people use and introduce content over those ten years.’

This podcast covers the challenges of content marketing; advice for brands and agencies; how GDPR has affected the sector and how technology like AI is affecting the industry.

Brand Communities Podcast

In the third podcast, Content Strategist Howard Wilmot talks to the CEO and Founder of Disciple Media Benji Vaughan about brand communities and how their community app engages communities far better than the likes of Facebook.

Disciple Media evolved out of Benji’s work at his label Twisted Music – seeing how the label was increasingly divorced from its core fans by ever changing social media algorithms, he established Disciple to create his own online community and has subsequently worked with everyone from the Rolling Stones to MP Matt Hancock (and Dialogue!)

Benji says, ‘Facebook is really like the TV of today – it’s just a paid media channel, it’s not really a community platform. It’s a big, open soapbox to shout a message out. When you take your community into your own hands in a known media environment it can produce a lot more value.’

This podcast covers how to create a community; what brands need to understand in regard to communities; how to commercialise a community; the challenges of social media right now and how community syncs with influencers.

Discover how to create a brand community.

Publishing and Branded Content Podcast

In this podcast, Ryan Battles talks to Vince Medeiros publisher and co-founder of TCO London about the changing role of publishing and branded content.

Vince’s company publishes the award-winning Huck and Little White Lies magazines, using editorial expertise and audience insights to create and activate branded content for companies around the world. Vince has also recently been made Chairman of the Content Marketing Association.

Vince says, ‘I believe branded content will continue to be an increasingly vital piece of marketing communication for brands. I think there is simply too much content out there but if we’re able to grab people’s attention by offering value through curated, beautiful, well-crafted, relevant content, that’s where it’s at.’

This podcast covers the evolution of publishing company TCO and magazines, Huck and Little White Lies; how publishing works with brands, the changing role of printed magazines, the value, cost and ROI of content marketing and the future of content marketing.

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